·        Q. Will I be charged extra if my flight is delayed?

·        A. No, there will not be a surcharge if your flight is delayed. 

·        Q. Are your passengers insured for passenger liability?

·        A. Yes, our 7 seater vehicles carry comprehensive passenger liability insurance of 9 million Rand ( R1,285714.20 per passenger) per vehicle. 

·        Q. Will there be an extra charge if we ask to do an extra stop on route?

·        A. Yes, there will be a sure charge of R50 per extra stop.

·        Q.Will Exclusive Travellers be responsible if we miss our flight?

·        A. Exclusive Travellers hold no responsibility should a client miss their flight due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

·        Q. Will you be able to tell me the best time to be collected from my address to the airport?

·        A. We provide clients with a recommended collection time and endeavour to minimize risks (regular traffic updates) to ensure clients don't miss their flights.

·        Q. Will I share your shuttle service with any other passenger?

·        A. No, all our shuttle service are private.

·        Q. Do you except cheques?

·        A. No, we don't except cheques. Only cash, EFT or credit cards.

·        Q. Will I receive a refund if I got a lift by a friend and haven’t cancelled?

·        A. No, you are only able to get a refund if you cancel 6hrs prior to your booking.